Indian Larry bike encounter

It was a gloomy day yesterday and I had to go to Manhattan. I was walking by the Meat Packing district. A lot of motorcycles usually park on a particular block, so I like to go through that block instead of the main boulevard whenever I visit the area.

A bike with a metallic gas tank and a bobber-seat caught my attention.

I showed the photos to a friend of mine, and he identified it as an Indian Larry bike [yeah, there's a huge logo on the left side...]

Indian Larry was an old school bike builder, as well as a stunt man. He died in August of 2004 falling off his newly-built bike performing a stunt.

I snapped a few photos using the camera app on the iPhone. All photos were edited using the PS Express app.

I am not sure if the bike in the photos is a Larry built, but it is one of the most unique bikes I’ve seen walking around NYC. The bike contains the essentials with out any superfluous elements. Even if it’s not an Indian Larry, just from the surface, it’s an amazing build all on its own. The gas tank is nicely polished, the knobs and switches were reminiscent of some old mechanical device. The pipes were short and sweet. And the seat was very comfortable during the 5 seconds that I sat on it.

This is a beautiful bike.

indian larry bike

I can’t get a nice full view shot because there were 2 other bikes next to it.

indian larry bike
Hi-beam, low-beam?

indian larry bike
Oil temperature gauge beautifully done. Below the gauge, it says Harley Davidson, so maybe the engine used was a Harley?

indian larry bike
I am guessing this is the fuse box on the left. I am guessing the numbers are the indication of fuse voltage.

indian larry bike
Indian Larry logo on the battery box. Battery box is nicely strapped in place with a leather strap.

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