Hong Kong, 2 of 2

Hong Kong

These are photos from day 3 and day 4. My travel companions were very eager tourists so we got to go quite a few places in 4 days. All photos were shot using an Olympus PEN/E-P1 with a 17mm f/2.8 lens. 17mm is the same coverage of a 35MM lens for full frame camera.

Dim sum; free wifi.

The red stuff is “chicken claws” in the back. I wasn’t a big fan of chicken claws… UNTIL NOW. Hong Kong chicken claws were so awesome, it makes the claws you find in most NY restaurants taste like, well, chicken claw.

“Maxim’s devil cake.” What a name. What’s next, “Maxim’s murderous egg tart?”

Escalator to MTR.

We were going to…

…”Ngong Ping 360‘s crystal cabin” where the tram ride was equipped with see-through flooring.

It was 20+ minutes of ride in this kind of fog.

Until we see the Tian Tan Buddha of Lantau Island.

Buddha; fog.

The tram line takes you to the Ngong Ping [tourist] street, where you walk through semi-traditional looking stores selling cheap stuffs before leading to the Buddha statue. This is some sort of tea house.

Tourists doing what tourist do, which is, to take photos of other tourist photographing their family.

The only few redeeming things you find in this “Ngong Ping” street.

Buddha statue amidst the cloud. Since I only had a wide angle lens, so I do what I can with it.

20 to 25 minutes and a few hundred steps of stairs later.

Fei Tian [Flying Apsaras) statues. The Tian Tan Buddha was the largest Buddha statue in the world, made of bronze. It was quite a sight.

On the way back.

This was the other redeeming quality of the Ngong Ping street. Other stores were mostly cheaply made Chinese mainland tourist products.

Riding back into the fog again.

Looking for food. View from over pass.

Found a little cafe store in a more "western" region of Wanchai. This was my order. It was so salty.

My friend's dish.

The dishes were very salty [partly our own fault] so I really wanted some “herbal tea.” I found herbal tea.

Herbal tea place.


Gasp. It’s red bean pie.

Taxi advertisement.

Riding the Peak Tram to “the Peak,” an earlier British colonial area [the whole of HK was ruled as a British colony for over 150 years].

Madame Tussaud’s HK museum.

Again at the tram station, the building was flooded with cheapie tourist stuffs.

Walking up to the viewing area; a worker sleeping behind a construction partition.

The view of the tram from the top. The building on the left has 2 Porche, 1 Ferrari and 1 Nissan GT-R super car parked at the drive way. Those were ones I can see riding the tram.

Riding the tram back. Pacific Coffee, a chain that looks and tastes like Starbucks.

More taxi top advertisement.

Taxi driver waiting for fare.

Very small hole-in-the-wall-sit-on-the-street food vendor.

One more car light photo…

The taxi driver suggested we try the dim yum restaurant at the airport. It has some of the cheapest dim sum in Hong Kong [it's "50 percent off" at all times].


That ends part 2 of 2 of the Hong Kong photos.

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Joe - The cable car shots in the fog are killer! Great stuff.

Rich - Nice! Hey Man, why wasn’t I invited!!!!!

“Dim sum; free wifi” – Love that one : )

Judy - Damn it your pics just make my hk trip look so boring…

henryshoots - @Judy: haha, next time when you guys visit exotic Asian places, take me with you. I so wanna visit Thailand and Cambodia and Vietnam.

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