Gear Talk: John’s Phone, the world’s most basic phone

For the longest time I tell people around me. OK, maybe only for 2 or 3 years: that I really really want a basic phone, with 12 buttons for dialing, and it only has one function: make and answer calls.

Then, of course, I can just go online using a small Kindle or Google tablet, or an iPod touch with a data connection [aka. mini iPad?]. This way I can separate the expensive data plan with a phone plan. The only down side though is texting would be difficult.

I learnt of the John’s Phone by mere chance when I was talking to someone in the Apple store. It seems like the answer to my, as well as many’s, question, when the item’s more matured, of course.

The only thing I would love though, is to have the John Phone to be made of aluminum or titanium; I have a soft spot for that kind of hard metal.

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