Food photos – Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

“Be an honest man, cook authentic food.” -Chef Jon.

I was hired to shoot some for Chef Jon’s Chinese Restaurant.

And authentic they are. You can hardly find someone who dares to cook as real and authentic Chinese cuisine in the New York and New Jersey region.

It’s not often that a Chinese restaurant prepares really, really authentic [and yummy] food in the USA. Often, they dilute the food and make it “Americanized.” But I think, the real “Americans” would completely in love with authentic Chinese food. But back in the days, someone set some weird rules in stone, many restaurants dared not to offend those weird rules that actually kill the dish.

Not Chef Jons.

Chef Jon was the only gold prize winner of the 2009 NTDTV International Chinese Culinary competition.

International chefs came to NY to compete for the same prize, and he got it, I guess it says something about his skills?

You can see some of my photos on their online menu item.

Jelly Fish in Ginger Sauce.

Jumbo Shrimp with Walnuts, Cantonese Style.

Marinated Thin Sliced Beef. Uber yummy.

Shanghai Style Smoked Fish. UBER yummy.

Cold Noodle with Sesame Sauce.

House Special Rolls with Bean Curd Sheets.

Three Greens with Seafood.

Green Bean Paste with Coconut Milk.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup.

Sautéed Lily Bulbs and Celery.

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs.

Shanghai Wonton with Pork and Vegetable.

Shanghai Home Style Rice (with Pork Chop and Marinated Egg). I really really LOVE this dish. The slightly oily rice is filled with the flavor of bamboo shoots and veggie. The fried pork chop is just right.

Crystal Shrimp; this was the dish that chef Jon won the competition with.

Sautéed Dace Fish with Cabbage and Black Bean.

Chef Jon.

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