Angulique and Michael Sonoma County and Napa Valley Engagement

Angulique and Michael.
Sonoma County and Napa Valley.

After the June wedding in San Francisco I also shot an engagement since I was staying in town for a few days. I did a portrait a while back in Sonoma County. I really like the random locations one can find between that clash of tourism and good o’California’s valley.

I went to college in the valley and always miss the dry heat.

Some courtyard.

Entrance to the said courtyard.

Some messy backyard/public land between some old houses.

No idea where this was. Close to some rail road track.

Michael has some golf clubs in his trunk…

Near some abandon building.

In front of a private space. I saw the barn structure from the highway but it has a gate so I did this shot in front of it. Another tribute to one of those [slightly darker] random 80s/90s road trip movies.

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