Adobe Lightroom 4.0, super short review

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

I’ve been avoiding Lightroom [LR] for various reasons, the RAW engine is basically the same as Bridge, which came included in any Photoshoop software that you purchase. And there were many reasons why I prefer Bridge over LR.

But it happened one day I do find myself wishing Bridge to have some of the features that was presented in LR. For which I do not blame Adobe for not including in Bridge.

After mucking around with the controls and short cut keys, I find a few items extremely useful. Among them were the ability to control exposure via keyboard short cuts.

You would think anyone who listens to any photographer for any feedback, at all, would implement a short cut key for the most important edits [white balance, exposure, recovery, etc]. But, no, only a very limited niche editors have these basic short cuts [Phase One Capture One Probeing one of them, but that's a very different and slow program].

Hence I am finding myself liking Lightroom [4.1] quite a bit. The shortcut to adjust exposure will cut down hours in my edits. It also allows me to filter and edit photos via lenses [because I use each lens for a specific purpose, hence it is much easier to edit by lens then by anything else, strange as it might sound.]

Still the file manage system is terrible [import photos from different shoots into one program and edit is always a recipe for disaster unless you back up often.] And I would much prefer each project to be completely isolated instead of staring at each other in the library, under different folders. It will be something I have to live with, albeit my displeasure.

So far, after a week of editing using LR, I think I found a new home for my editing needs.

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