2001, some songs that I can’t get out of my brain

2001 was the last year of my college education. Driving in the valley of California, between getting In N Out burgers and Jamba juice, was the constant top-hits from the typical pop radio stations.

A few songs and tunes stuck with me like a bullet to the skull of a dead pixel First Person shooter.

I am not saying they are the bestest songs out there. They were just, well, catchy during a time I listened an awful lot to the radio.


Uncle Kracker’s song about an affair, Follow me:

Destiny’s Child, Independent Women:

Macy Gray, I try:

Nelly Fah-tata! I’m Like a Bird:

Everclear, AM Radio [and other Everclear songs, but all his songs sounded similar, so... at least this one wasn't about abusive father]:

Last Kiss [according to the inter-tubes, originally by Wayne Cochran, and the version they played until it bled was the Pearl Jam version from 1999]:

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